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Eco Refillery

TIARA Natural Deodorant - Melon & Cucumber

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Only 7% of adults in The United States use natural deodorants.
Of that 7%, the main users are women. 46% of adults understand the importance of using natural products.
I truly believe most adults are not making their decision yet due to the lack of consistency in natural deodorants.
I am excited to bring to the market a consciously made reliable product.
Really busy working on the launch. There are a lot of factors that no one can see.
I want my natural deodorants to reach the greatest amount of women around the globe.
My mission is to create awareness about the usage of natural deodorants.
I am really excited as I have seen women and men switching from traditional deodorants to natural deodorants.
Please do not be afraid. Our health matters!
Satisfaction guaranteed 🤓😃